"The is no progress without change, but change isn't necessarily progress." Mad magazine

I've never forgotten this quote from Mad Magazine that I read as a teen decades ago. I think it is a quite appropriate aphorism for this blog.

My name is Gail Bjork and I've used the internet for a very long time, way before the introduction of browsers. I designed websites for a couple of years following early retirement and owned a digital photography website, Digicamhelp, for 14 years before selling it in 2017.

The internet is an tool for communication and information, and I enjoy using it, however now less than ever. Through the years, I've witnessed huge changes in the internet, and it continues to change. Sadly, the changes haven't always been for the better.

Like others, I have growing concerns about internet privacy and how it affects you and me; our children, grandchildren, and lives in general. What particularly troubles me is the public's general lack of knowledge about these issues. And for many who do know, their apparent lack of concern.

It is my hope that the information shared here will be a stepping-stone for others to research the issues, and to encourage them to understand the ramifications for themselves and their loved ones. It's not all bad but, if you're not careful, it can be.

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