Sunday, April 23, 2017

Social Media Can Be Worse Than Alcohol Or Drug Abuse

According to a BBC article, "The addiction that's 'worse than alcohol or drug abuse,'" there are social media users who find it impossible to keep off their devices.

Many are now seeking treatment and counselling from therapists and other professionals offering help to get individuals through the day without compulsive scrolling. Some individuals are even turning to online therapists, such as offered by Talkspace, to deal with their social media addiction.

The article points out that, according to Nathan Driskell, a therapist in Houston, Texas, social media addition is "worse than alcohol or drug abuse because it’s much more engaging and there’s no stigma behind it.”

Social Networking Engineered to be Habit Forming

According to an oped piece at the Computerworld website, "social networking is engineered to be as habit-forming as crack cocaine."

At this time, there is no official medical recognition of social media addiction as a disorder, but you only have to look around to see that excessive use of devices is very real. Perhaps you know others who are addicted, perhaps even yourself.

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