Saturday, January 7, 2017

Intrusive Ads Killing Online Experience

I'm not against internet advertising, only the aggressively intrusive kind (see important note at the end of this article).

Ads popping up in your face after the article you're reading grays out! Sometimes the ads cover an entire page. Banal ads, some so outlandish and obnoxious turn they your stomach. The veracity of some of the information provided is suspect. Pop-up, pop-under, moving, following you up and down a page as you scroll; they flash, vibrate, rotate, make acrobatic movements, video audio going on automatically...even ad blockers don't seem to work like they used to.

And let's not forget malvertising - malicious advertising that delivers malicious code. According to the Malwarebytes Lab website, malware " hits you without your knowledge, often lives on reputable sites, and most of the time, delivers one of the most dangerous forms of malware today. Practice safe Internetting, and you could still be vulnerable."

Below are just a few random examples of internet ads. At the end of this article is information about the Acceptable Ads initiative, which "seeks to create sustainable middle ground between the user’s choice to use ad blockers and the continued need to support free online content with advertisements." There is some hope!

Important Note: Not all internet advertising is intrusive. Certainly website owners need advertising revenue to pay the expenses of their site. But you can gain control. For example, the Adblock Browser lets you choose whether or not you want to see ads when you surf. It allows you to block all ads but also gives you the option to see Acceptable Ads, straightforward, nonintrusive advertisements.

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