Friday, January 27, 2017

Facebook Accounts Being Spied On

According to an article at, 1 in 5 Facebook accounts are being spied on! The reason will shock you, someone you know and trust may be accessing you Facebook accounts without your permission!

According to a recent study, conducted by a grad student at the University of British Columbia, 24 in five...of people surveyed admitted to secretly accessing the Facebook account of someone they know.

How did they access accounts? When you or I leave our computer or smartphone open for viewing it makes it easy for someone to gain access.

Preventing Facebook Snoopers

The ways to prevent this should be, but aren't always, obvious:

  • Don't leave your device unattended when other people are around.
  • Log out of your Facebook or other account whenever you are done using them.
  • Change passwords on a regular basis
  • Lock the home screen with a passcode
Facebook Activity Log
Facebook Activity Log

It wouldn't hurt to check your Facebook Activity Log. The Activity Log contains a listing of all your posts and activity, from the day you started using Facebook. It includes stories and photos you've been tagged in, and connections you've made with others by friending them or liking their page. Are all those activities yours? If not, someone may have snooped.  

Read study: Characterizing Social Insider Attacks on Facebook

Study excerpt:
"Facebook accounts are secured against unauthorized access
through passwords and device-level security. Those defenses,
however, may not be sufficient to prevent social insider attacks,
where attackers know their victims, and gain access to
a victim’s account by interacting directly with their device."

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